Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kiryoku "Inner Strength" Alleycat

The race is only two days away...

I organized this race with two things in mind:

1. The horrific tragedy that swept through Japan took many lives and left many people without loved ones, shelter, and so much more. We've all seen the pictures...buildings reduced to nothing, villages swept away, people looking for their loved ones through the rubble...

With such tragedy comes unity. People from all over the world has lent their lending hand, time, money, and their hearts to help rebuild a country known to overcome such obstacles. The only thing to do with any tragedy such as this, is to move on and help rebuild. My race's true intentions is to help with that. My reason for helping is in my blood...Japan is in my thoughts and in my dreams. It is my future.

2. Cycling has long been a part of me. My passion for cycling involves all areas of it. It is who I am. It is who we are. Fixed gear is something different, and I am happy with where it is going. This common thread that connects us is something I'm very thankful for, and I want to give back.

This race is for Japan, this race is for you. It is never too late to help. See you all Saturday!


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